Bed Bug Prepping cleaning services

Whether you decide on Chemical, Heat, or extreme Cold bed bug treatment, your pest control company will have important requirements for you to follow, in order to effectively treat your home or apartment, it must be prepared accordingly. Unfortunately, the preparation can be a frustrating and time-consuming process; However, by using our bed bug treatment preparation services, you will allow the exterminator to treat areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Our prep services will greatly reduce the possibility of any surviving bed bugs.

Let’s do this right the first time and avoid repeat expenses and frustration. Below is a price list of some of the bed bug treatment prepping services that we provide, however a walk-through and inspection is required for most of our services prior to a price estimate.

Garment Streaming Services

Let us sanitize your garments. For only $1.00 for shirts, $3.00 for pants, skirts and sweaters, $4.00 for dresses, $6.00 for suits and blazers and $8.00 for coats., using garment steamers, we’ll apply steam over 300 degrees Fahrenheit to your clothes. Leather and suede are processed in heating devices for $15.00 per garment. We are not a drycleaning service; we sanitize already cleaned garments with steam.


We will wash and fold your clothes for $3.50 /lbs. Includes washing and drying, detergent, fabric softener, bags and pickup and delivery of all your clothes. Delivery of clothes will be done after your property is treated and cleared by your pest control company.

Post Treatment Cleaning/Reorganization

Vacuum and wipe down bed frames, picture frames, furniture, etc. with an environmentally friendly enzyme cleaning product Vacuum flooring, baseboard molding, mattresses, box springs, closets and upholstered furniture Restore your apartment by putting your personal belongings and furniture in its original place.

Price: $50.00/hour per technician

Stripping Beds

Steam Sanitizing of mattress, box spring, covers, sheets, and pillowcases.


We will dismantle your bed, separating the headboard and footboard from the bed frame. This allows the exterminator to thoroughly treat the structure of your bed.


We will empty dressers, wall units, book shelves, night stands, and other furniture; contents will be steam sanitized, bagged, sealed, and placed in the middle of the room. Any items situated on the floor such as clothing, toys, clutter, etc. will also be steam sanitized, bagged and sealed.
All pictures hanging on the wall will be vacuumed, sanitized, and wrapped.

Vacumming Bed Bugs

Using a high power HEPA filtered vacuum we will vacuum all box springs, mattresses, bed frames, nightstands, tables, chairs, couches, baseboards, rugs, and pictures.

Steaming Bed Bugs & Eggs

Special dry vapor steamers are used to kill any bed bug eggs, bed bug nymphs, and adult bed bugs that were not captured by the vacuum.

Perimeter Preparation

We will move couches, wall units, beds, dressers, end tables, nightstands, and all other obstructions 24 inches from the wall to make the perimeter areas accessible for the exterminator.

Customer Privacy

For our customer’s privacy, our vehicles are unmarked, our uniforms simply have our telephone number and our company name; “GC Cleaning Services” and our equipment is carried in concealed plastic bags. Your neighbors will only know why we’re in your home if you choose to tell them.