Bed Bugs: Top 5 Misconceptions

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, bed bugs are an extreme nuisance. And no matter the time of year, these little pests can wreak havoc in your home. However, knowledge is power and we’re here to clear up some common misconceptions about these bothersome bugs.  Read on to see what the truth really is! 

They Only Live In Dirty Homes

While this may see to make sense to many, it comes from the misunderstanding that bed bugs are attracted to filth and grime. Interestingly, these critters are actually fond of blood and carbon dioxide. Which means you can find them pretty much anywhere a human lives. However, it does help to have a clean and clutter-free home in order to reduce the chance of infestation and also minimize the number of places in which bed bugs may hide. 

Bed Bugs Only Live In Your Bed

Contrary to their name, you can actually find bed bugs in any part of your house. While they do frequent places humans habit the most (such as your bed), they can also be found in your sofa, curtains, drawers, and even in your outlets. This is because bed bugs are willing to travel up to 20 feet to find and feed on their unsuspecting victims. Bleh!

Bed Bugs Transmit Diseases

One good thing is that bed bugs don’t actually carry or transmit diseases. While they can cause discomfort and itchiness, they’re essentially harmless. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) do label bed bugs as a public health risk. This is because they can potentially cause a number of adverse economical, physical and mental responses. These include allergic reactions, secondary infections, anxiety, and insomnia. Also, the costs of fully eliminating bed bugs can cause significant financial burdens on those with infected homes.

You Can Treat Infestations Yourself With Pesticides

Bed bugs are particularly difficult to eliminate with the typical pesticides available in stores. This is especially true in recent years due to an increased resistance to traditional chemicals. In addition, it takes a careful strategy to be able to monitor and treat infestations. So, save your money and put it towards a professional bed bug exterminator instead.

You Don’t Need To Pretreat Your Home Before Extermination

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes seen when treating bed bug infestations. Many assume you can just call the exterminators in and your infestation problem will be solved. However, pretreatment is perhaps the most important step to ensure successful extermination. So, what does pretreatment include? For starters, clearing clutter is a must. Cleaning your bedding, clothes, etc. is also mandatory step. And dismantling furniture will help the process as well.

Seem like a lot? It can be. But thankfully, there are companies out there that can help get your home as ready as possible for your bed bug treatment. GC Cleaning has the best bed bug prepping services around and we mean business when it comes to your home. So, visit us online today to get your FREE quote!